Free doctor in Florence for out-of-town students

Free doctor in Florence for out-of-town students

Caught up as he is in a trance of books, notes, and running between classes, the college student often needs to take care of his health.

However, being able to rely on a medical reference figure is not so obvious, especially for those who have to orient themselves in a new environment and come from out of town.

So here is a small guide designed for the out-of-towner: the coordinates needed to apply for (free) medical services and not get tangled up in the jungle of bureaucracy.

The doctor for off-site students exists, and it is not a myth.

Sincerely wishing you always enjoy excellent health, we have summarized for you how to get enrolled in the provisional USL lists and have access to medical for off-campus students. If you’ve spent a night in Careggi getting a mild prescription or have struggled with the rigid schedule and obnoxious costs of doctor’s appointments, what we’re about to tell you is just for you.

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