Florence students’ five favorite nightclubs

Florence students’ five favorite nightclubs

“Florence the beautiful,” goes an old French proverb. In fact, Florence is the capital city that is a World Heritage Site and an important and prestigious university center. Considered the home of the Renaissance, the cradle of art and architecture, Florence has been an important cultural, commercial, financial and economic center since the Middle Ages. After the unification of the country, from 1865 to 1871, it was also the capital of Italy. A destination not only for art, culture and architecture enthusiasts but also for young students eager to start their studies at a prestigious and ancient university.

Florence is famously divided into 5 districts:

Old Town

– district 1, Centro Storico, where we find the headquarters of the Uffizi Gallery, the central train station and the most important institutions. Also included in District 1 are the Lawn, the Fortezza da Basso, the Viali, San Jacopino, Piazza Puccini and the large Cascine Park.

Mars Field

– neighborhood 2, Campo di Marte, is the western part of the city, a residential and sports center in which stands the Artemio Franchi Stadium, the FIGC Federal Technical Sports Center and the Campo di Marte train station.

Gavinana – Galluzzo

– neighborhood 3, Gavinana-Galluzzo, is the southeastern part of the city that includes the areas of Gavinana, Sorgane and Nave a Rovezzano and Galluzzo.

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Isolotto – Legnaia

– neighborhood 4, Isolotto-Legnaia, is the southwestern part of the city and consists of Isolotto, Legnaia, Soffiano, San Lorenzo a Greve, and Cintoia.


– district 5, Rifredi, in the north of the city, is the largest and most populated district comprising the Careggi Polyclinic, Meyer Children’s Hospital, Orthopedic Trauma Center and Florence Airport; it is also home to numerous faculties.

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Thanks to the many students, both Italian and foreign (the University of Florence has about 50,000 students alone), the city is young and dynamic. Full of trendy clubs, pubs, discos, historic bars and other businesses open late into the night. Florence is ideal for students, you go out in the evening with friends and also experience it at night. So let’s look at a brief guide to Florence’s 5 favorite nightclubs for young people.

Zoe Bar

Located at 13r Via De Renai, Zoe was born in a beautiful little square on the Arno River. Local full of life, cozy, warm and lively notes. When we arrive at the Zoe, the panorama gives us a fascinating view of the Uffizi Gallery and the majestic Ponte Vecchio. Bar Zoe is a meeting place for aperitifs and pre-disco Florentine nightlife, very popular throughout the year, peaking in the summertime when mild Florentine evenings allow for more time outdoors. The bar features temporary exhibitions of paintings, located throughout the bar, DJ sets with house and electronic music (at a decidedly high volume) and interesting variations of “classic” cocktails, such as the CLC (California cuba libre) the Tropical mojito and an intriguing pistachio cocktail. Throughout the year, it is possible to have a good aperitif, and at certain times, thematic aperitifs (Mexican, American style, Oriental, etc.) are organized.

The sweet life

The venue is located in Carmine Square and is definitely one of the most famous venues in the Oltrarno. It is the hotspot for fashionable and cool (we can say that, no offense intended) but also carefree and lively young people. After-dinner hotspot for many college students. After a period of closure, it now offers not only cocktails but also music and a menu full of traditions to enjoy in the new room, Privé Royale. The venue knows how to keep up with the times, and this is critical to staying on top of the game. With the advent of pleasant spring evenings, the aperitivo moves to the outdoor area that directly overlooks Carmine Square, making the moment magical and chic. Dinner and after dinner are also surrounded by live music and DJ sets. The venue, in addition to aiming to be a fashion and design landmark, offers quality drinks with fresh fruit, wines and champagne for anyone who can afford it. To this day it remains one of Florence’s most popular discopubs.


The idea originated from two friends, Fabio Ragazzini and Marco Torelli, who opened as many as two nightclubs, Kitsch Bar and Kitsch Devx, inside which to express all their flair and creativity. As the name implies, the interior seems to have been crammed with a jumble of stuff of different styles and eras but with a result that is certainly not daunting for those about to enjoy a good aperitif with friends. The air is crisp and full of life at both venues. The apertivo, or rather apericena, is held from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. with a grand buffet full of delicious dishes continually plumped up by the venue staff. From cold cuts to bruschetta, mixed salads to polenta, and on to pasta dishes, from fresh pasta to lasagna, including gnocchi. All for vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians, so rest assured there is no shortage of either meat or fish. In short, high quality and great variety distinguish the venue. From 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., however, it switches to a more classic menu with table service, including hamburgers, frankfurters and more, especially for those who get a little peckish toward nighttime. The first venue is located on Viale Antonio Gramsci 1-5r, while the second you will find at 22 San Gallo Street.


Historic nightclub at 46 Pratese Street that still survives the passage of time. For all lovers of house and electronic music, the venue offers evenings full of events and lots of music. Opened in 1981, when gusts of punk, dark and rock were arriving from the UK, and quickly became a landmark in Florentine nightlife. In the early 1990s the Tenax was in free fall, but in 1995, thanks to the acquisition of the venue by the Nozze di Figaro company, the venue returned to its former glory with live events and international guests. In fact, Italian artists of the caliber of Carmen Consoli, Patty Pravo and Daniele Silvestri but also international stars such as Ben Harper, Morcheeba and Gary Barlow have performed at the Tenax. Today the evenings are punctuated by numerous DJs from all over the world, from Paris, the U.S., Holland and even Australia. Over the years at the Tenax console Ashley Beedle, Little Louie Vega, François Kevorkian, Dimitri From Paris, Ralf and Alex Neri have performed. In short, so many names, this is the success of the club, but not only. Each night a different theme and event enlivens the Tenax, making the atmosphere sparkling and dynamic. Always crowded with colorful and eccentric people, loved by young people who want to experience music in Florence late into the night.

Florence Jazz Club

At Via Nuova de’ Caccini number 3, stands a historic venue: the Florence Jazz Club. Open from 10:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. daily. Monday closed. Always very crowded, with a relaxed atmosphere intoxicated by the notes of jazz, blues, swing and funky, with a national arts scene to be envied. You enter only with a membership card, valid for one year, costing a modest €6 plus a drink, not at all excessive for live music lovers, plus it offers short-term tickets for tourists or foreigners passing through town. After descending some rather narrow stairs at the entrance, one finds oneself in a small venue, catapulted into an underground reality typical of European capitals of London’s caliber. Dynamic and attractive venue, if you listen well around you there will definitely be foreign students. One can sit quietly in company sipping a glass of wine, perhaps better a bottle, chatting and listening to great music. Definitely worth a visit. The drinks and cocktails are also good, matching the wonderful music that is clearly the focus of the venue. The only flaw is that from the outside it looks very anonymous, tinted glass and dim lights make the world behind the door almost invisible. Try it to believe.

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