Florence rentals: between tourists and out-of-towners

Florence rentals: between tourists and out-of-towners

Florence city of art, Florence university city. The dual soul of Tuscany’s capital city makes finding a room to rent in Florence a particularly intense challenge for out-of-town college students looking for housing in the Tuscan capital.

Tourist flows that make Florence the 4th most visited Italian city — behind Rome, Venice and Milan — saw a further increase in 2013, surpassing the 8 million tourist presence quota in the Florentine territory with a 2.9 percent increase over the previous year (source: Statistical Service of the Province of Florence). And while a large proportion of visitors find accommodation in the city’s many accommodations, an increasingly large proportion seek rooms and apartments for rent from private individuals, with the aim of making economies and at the same time having a different experience of the city.

But Florence is not just about tourism. With more than 50,000 students enrolled (source: Miur), it is Italy’s 8th largest city in terms of number of students, with an estimated 12,500 out-of-town students, either from another Italian province or foreigners, joined by many Florentines who have nonetheless left their birthplace in search of independence.

In such a crowded landscape, finding oneself in the search for a room or a apartment for rent in Florence it is therefore essential, in addition to patience, to have clear ideas about the area and prices, so that you can target your search, reduce wasted time, and focus your efforts right away in the right direction.

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We have therefore prepared two small guides on the subject,“Rentals in Florence: the areas” and“Rentals in Florence: the prices,” to try to clarify the ideas for those who, perhaps, have not yet passed through Florence.

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