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Five behaviors that let you know that living together with your roommate has come to an end

Five behaviors that let you know that living together with your roommate has come to an end

Five behaviors that let you know that living together with your roommate has come to an end

Who has never hated, even once, their roommate? You have probably several times imagined murder scenes worthy of CSI and practiced breathing and self-control techniques unknown even to the world’s most knowledgeable yoga masters.

We know, living together is not easy for anyone. A lot of effort needs to be put into matching even the most diverse characters: and if taking deep breaths, enrolling in various meditation classes and punching in punching bags at the gym is not enough, in the meantime it would be wise to start trying to get a room of your own so that you can make it a temple dedicated just to you, perhaps planning revenge and recharging yourself for the next daily challenge. Because yes, one must always be on the alert: a new challenge can always be lurking around the corner.

There are roommates for whom the word patience is merely an understatement; the amount of forbearance is so immense that it almost verges on the level of “sanctity of the month.” But let’s not lump everything together: there are and will be special roommates, too, with whom you form a beautiful, lasting friendship. It is those roommates (encountered in the homes of your other friends) that make you think that There is someone out there who is right for you, who is not a psychopath or a pain in the ass, who lets you live your life without so many hindrances. The rifts will always be there, after all the Coexistence, especially with unfamiliar people, is always difficult. But of all and sundry, there are some behaviors that you just can’t swallow. When you get certain roommates, all you have to do is pack your bags and look for another place to live.

Here are 6 behaviors/alarm bells that let you know that cohabitation with your roommate has come to an end.

1) When you find yourself living with your roommate’s girlfriend ..

Have you ever had your roommate bring his or her girlfriend home and say, “It’s just for a few days!” but after a month she still hasn’t left, plus it’s like it’s become their home? They live together, they eat together, and you are there holding the famous and never envied candelabra, they sleep together of course (hoping you don’t have to be there to hear their cries, which, let’s face it, if they have been there for months…). By now there has been a misappropriation of the house. It is you who have become the guests. Your home, it is no longer yours (not that it ever was clear…least of all now). You find them in compromising poses on the couch watching TV series, even inviting you to join them. Showers together and bathroom usurpations are now the order of the day…to waste less water (clear no?!). They are everywhere, don’t work, don’t study, are always and constantly at home. There are two things: either they leave or you leave. As you decide, remember that now things in the home are decided by three not two. You will always be outnumbered, two against one.

2) Never cleans / Neat freak.

Yes, both behavioral habits get on one’s nerves. We start with the one who never cleans. That is, that roommate who eats and leaves the dishes in the sink for days on end. The one who never goes to throw away the garbage bags so that you can make friends with a new ecosystem that has sprung up in place of the wet waste when you come home from Christmas vacation. That roommate to whom you remind him, “Tomorrow is your turn for cleaning, right?” he not only won’t even touch a broom the next day but won’t even touch it for weeks to come. At that point, all illusions about his possible reconsideration having collapsed, and since you do not want to live in a pigsty, you begin to clean the house yourself, mesti and resigned. As long as you find yourself being regarded as a janitors and you will hear yourself asking to make less noise when you clean because “you know in the afternoon I prefer to have a quiet nap.” But the neat freak is also no less. La house will shine Almost like it was your mother’s house. Fragrant and germ-proof. But shall we talk about the pantry sorted by expiration dates and color? (clearly your share of the pantry as well-don’t you dare think that your pasta can be spared from this). Everything in the bathroom is sorted by what you use most often and what you don’t, in rows and by color. But the climax comes when you get home after a stressful, tiring and endless day spent at the university and you have to wait for half an hour in the frost Because the floor still needs to dry. Are you sure you don’t want to move house!!!?

3) When the roommate spends and spends because it’s his money anyway but he remembers perfectly well that the bill is split.

In this case you will notice that when it is -10° outside the house, your roommate lives inside the house in his underwear. Do you know the guy? Skinny and chilly, he usually goes around in the winter with 18 sweaters, down jacket, double pants, gloves and scarf to cover his eyes, but as soon as he sets foot in the house here is the transformation. He gets almost completely naked. Short-sleeved T-shirt and shorts as if he were in Hawaii and clearly, in order not to be excessively cold, he shoots the internal temperature to 25°. After about a month or so, someone from the gas utility calls you to alarm you by telling you that you may have a gas leak or otherwise to be careful because for your next bill, you may have to take out a mortgage. This is the classic spendthrift, not only does he not care about the environment (generally the reasoning is that we will all die sooner or later), but he cannot die of cold just to spend less! After all, we only talk about those 1000€ euro bill…Euros more Euros less, who cares now. But this is not the end of the story; if you think that when winter is over, peace is restored, you are sorely mistaken. This type of roommate generally likes a well-lit house, lights on everywhere so you don’t struggle and save time when moving around the house, likes to use the hair dryer, oven and dishwasher at the same time, and of course doesn’t disdain a nice hot shower of an hour or so, especially after a day spent at college, so every day. In short, if a heart attack doesn’t hit you when the bills come in, maybe it’s time to look for a new apartment. ( If you don’t want to be this kind of roommate, read this article on How to deal with household appliances in common)

4) When your roommate has a year-round partying.

The typical reveler. You have found the classic roommate who once he sets foot outside his parents’ house, a sense of freedom pervades his soul and he feels he has the world in his hands. He thinks no one will stop him now; now he can live the life he has always dreamed of. Party all night long! There are no more schedules, no rules and no qualms. The situations you come across while living together are of the most diverse. At three o’clock in the morning (when it’s going well) you happen to hear loud noises in the house, get up with a tachycardia going on, and wielding a baseball bat you head for the front door. Turn on the lights, and find various objects on the ground. At the question “Is anyone there?” you hear a groan coming from the bathroom. And that is precisely where you will find your roommate as he is spewing his inner party soul, slurring words of apology. This roommate always brings home people on people because, thanks to his expansive nature, he knows half the university between drinks. You will never be alone, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, you can try to reason with it, say “I have an exam tomorrow, please don’t mess up tonight.” He, to ease your anxiety, makes a mega dinner at home. inviting two dozen people (the dirty dishes even find you in the bathroom) and around midnight, 1 o’clock decides to go out for a drink all together. You finally earn your well-deserved rest, anxious for the next day. Here, however, at five o’clock in the morning, your roommate comes home, turns on the lights to the beat of Maracaibo and deliriously enters your room showing you the sorry state his friend is in. He really has to host him in the house but you bought that cot especially for guests anyway, didn’t you..? What about you? Are you still staying there? I would say that between drinks and toasts it’s also time to start packing: his or yours it matters little.

5) When the one who you always pay.

Let’s say that no one these days is sailing in gold, it is true, but you have always enjoyed buying your roommate a drink. It fits. You go out together, two talks and a beer with each other. However, if you find yourself in the situation where you just cannot remember when was the last time he offered you something, then something is wrong. Usually the phrases that arouse the first suspicions are like “I forgot money at home,” or “I’m broke, my parents still won’t recharge me.” At first the benefit of the doubt Will prevail. After months of his parents not recharging his money and months of various forgetfulness, do the math. But still it is not necessarily because of this that your cohabitation has come to an end. In fact, you will tell yourself that just don’t go out together anymore and don’t offer him anything. Right. But things could get worse. Maybe with the excuse that his people still don’t recharge his money he will ask you to anticipate them for rent of the month or will start procrastinating to pay for shared groceries in the home. Like, “10 more days and I will pay you back, I promise.” Months have passed, and with the money your roommate owes you you start fantasizing about spending it on a Exotic trip to the Maldives. If so, stop daydreaming immediately. Get your money returned and hurriedly change houses.

6) When post-its scattered around the house Are more than the words you speak to each other.

If you thought that the Cold War and the Berlin Wall were just events studied in class in history books and that you could never in your life find yourself in such a situation, well, you were very wrong. Has your roommate decided to use the stovetop as a blank wall on which to indulge in colorful splashes tasting of frying oil and coffee aroma? Does he enjoy lighting up the house at all hours of the day and night because “the bulbs are energy-saving anyway,” and doesn’t care at all about keeping an eye on his stuff and preventing the refrigerator from turning into a local market at 3 p.m.? You’ve probably even pointed this out to him over and over again, but he, recidivist and impertinent, continues to disregard it without you getting anything concrete. What to do? We students have been known to get a little out of hand sometimes with stationery. And so, fed up with repeating the same tropes trillions of times, why not wallpaper the kitchen with super-colored post its as much as miners? Between a shocking pink “wash the dishes” and a lime green “turn off the lights,” coexistence goes on, and the tense atmosphere grows. Except that little by little you have become so attached to these new furnishings that being without them is impossible: if before you limited their use to urgent and/or egregious cases, little by little you will all become hard-working little amanuensis, your kitchen a drawing room for third graders and your home quieter than an exam room at the time of the professor’s most bastard question. At this point you would do well to at least remember your names, assuming you don’t want to walk around the house with a piece of paper stuck to your forehead as a reminder that sooner or later even the world’s strongest Berlin Wall is bound to give way. And not always with good news.

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