Book your visit online: student rentals

Book your visit online: student rentals

Searching for a room or an apartment to rent is exhausting and a great waste of time must be put into consideration. For this reason, many businesses related to the rental market have sprung up over the years, more or less cheaply. As Uniaffitti we have been carrying out our “mission” for more than 15 years, providing free service side by side with small business services.

Why do we waste time?

As we mentioned just above, searching for a rental apartment wastes a lot of time, there are really many factors to be evaluated and the pot at stake is really important, we are choosing the place where we will spend at least a year of our lives…

We at Uniaffitti have analyzed the dynamics of the search and have decided to help searchers and renters as much as possible by halving the time required at all stages of negotiation.

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But let’s go step by step, here are what are the most time-consuming dynamics:

  1. The search for the ideal room, in terms of location, amenities and cost
  2. Agree on a visit inside the apartments we have selected (it is important to see the rooms live and get to know the roommates)
  3. Have feedback from all the landlords/roommates we visited

The search for the ideal room

On this point Uniaffitti really offers many solutions, but the most interesting are the “smartalerts” or smart alerts, which alert you only if relevant listings are placed with your search, in terms of type, area and cost.

You can activate a Smart Alert email, or the new Smart Alert messenger, that is linked to facebook messenger, immediate and much easier to access!

Visiting the rooms you selected

Having passed the first point, which is by no means trivial, we must concentrate onfitting our time requirements with those of 3 or 4 other people, the owners of the rooms we want to visit.

Here the messages and proposals for dates and times are wasted, “shall we do Friday at 6 pm?” , “no, I can only at 8 p.m…”, ” then no, I prefer Saturday morning at 8:30″ (Saturday morning? Are you kidding me….) Whatever, times aside, Framing all the requirements is really difficult and if maybe we can only stay in Siena for a weekend, I would say that the task becomes impossible!!!

For this reason, we at Uniaffitti have activated an online calendar that will allow you to schedule your visits to one or more apartments, easily booking the day and time you want to go! The present schedules will already be validated by the homeowner, who need only do the following confirm your choice! Easy no?

Once booked, all you have to do is wait for the appointment confirmation and go to the venue a few minutes before your chosen time (punctuality is always appreciated!).

Feedback from the rooms you visited

How many times have you heard yourself say “
we’ll let you know
but then no one showed up? Horrible isn’t it?

Well, we decided that this behavior is unacceptable and we have made it so that through our platform homeowners can enter feedback from a visit that has just been completed, so that we do not have to call (or write) dozens of people (well, they have to be understood a little bit, too…). We will be the ones to give the good (or bad) news, so no one will be left in the “limbo” of uncertainty for long! If they haven’t chosen you, don’t be discouraged, you can start a new search on our rental portal!

The student rental revolution has just begun, and we are doing our part by simplifying all the dynamics as much as possible! All you have to do is go to Uniaffitti and set up your search for your ideal room, we’ll take care of the rest!

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