Beware of online scams

Beware of online scams

Are you looking for a room or a new apartment where you can spend your college term or where you can start looking for a job? Well, you’ve certainly looked online, and you’re right, online you can start to read up on what the city can offer you, but beware of online scams!

And yes, it seems impossible, but even today there are people who make a living trying to scam those looking for rental housing: They will leverage your good faith, desire to start a new adventure, and maybe a price a little cheaper than others (for a really great apartment!).

But don’t worry, if you follow our directions and use a little care… you will have nothing to fear!!!

When to start suspecting a scam

Every year the techniques by which scammers approach people change, becoming more refined, speaking better Italian, and above all using increasingly truthful images. However, there are always 3 behaviors that never change:

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  1. Momentarily they are out of Italy or out of town, and cannot show you the apartment
  2. They are very interested in your person and tell you their life story
  3. They ask for a deposit in advance, often in a foreign account, through a money transfer or similar untraceable means.

These 3 behaviors underlie the whole mechanism, and you should be alarmed as soon as you begin to realize that your interlocutor is using them. Let’s face it, giving bail is not a problem, far from it, the problem is sending it without having seen the apartment or paying it into a foreign account!

In this article we decided not to show examples of scams, if you want to read up on the topic, you can easily find dozens of sites or facebook groups that talk about it, just do a google search!

I think they are trying to scam me, what can I do?

We have created an online service to check if a person’s email has been implicated in other scams , it is a good system to stop the spread of scams, but unfortunately it does not always work (creating a new email is really easy…). If you think you are being scammed, check your contact’s email on the site

report scam

, if you receive negative feedback, stop the conversation and report the ad.

Quoting a line from one of my favorite detective stories, “
If your sixth sense says something is wrong, but you can’t explain it, well…surely someone is trying!

Quotes aside, if do you think the rent is too cheap, if theItalian with which your interlocutor writes does not convince you, and obviously if lives abroad and bought the house for his son who was studying (as it happens) in the very city where you are going to live, well, you’re right in the middle of a scam attempt!

So let’s see what we can do:

  1. Report the scam to the site operator. It sounds like a waste of time, but it is not, I assure you. All sites have a button to report non-regular ads because it is the first method of fighting them;unity is strength!

  2. Report online scam

    On the appropriate services, we recommend ours,
  3. Contact the postal police and report the user to them as well.

They cheated me, now what?

Unfortunately, recovering the money will be very difficult, but don’t lose heart, report the scam to the postal police immediately, providing all the details about it. They will contact the sites involved in the process and get more information.

Of course, report the user on scam reporting portals as well, as with the previous step, so as to make life more difficult for the person who has been messing with you.


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