Are you eligible for the 2022 rent bonus? All you need to know

Are you eligible for the 2022 rent bonus? All you need to know

Rent bonus 2022: all the information to get it

If you are thinking of moving alone or with other roommates off-site to study, you will know how expensive monthly housing fees can be. Fortunately, the government has introduced the 2022 rent bonus to help college students bear this burden. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the 2022 rent bonus: how to get it, what the requirements are, and what the maximum amount is.

How does the 2022 rent bonus work?

The rent bonus is a benefit introduced by the government through the Relaunch Decree (Decree Law No. 34/2020) that provides a non-refundable subsidy for those who incurred expenses related to renting housing during the year 2020. The rent bonus can be claimed by college students and low- and middle-income families, provided they have a registered lease.

The requirements for obtaining the 2022 rent bonus

To be eligible for the rent bonus, it is necessary that:

– Family income is not more than 35,000 per year;

– The housing is located in A or B zones, as listed in the list published by the Ministry of Justice;

– The lease is registered;

– The property is used as a primary residence;

– One does not own any other property for residential use;

– You have not benefited from other grants for the same expenses.


What is the maximum amount under the 2022 rent bonus?

The maximum amount under the rent bonus will be 1,200 euros on an annual basis. This means that his monthly fee cannot be more than 100 euros. In the case of tenants with very low incomes (<15000€/year), the subsidy may be up to 1500 euros on an annual basis, equivalent to 125 euros per month.

Should you fall into the category of the out-of-state college student or the low- or middle-income family, you should know that the government has thought of you and introduced the rent bonus just for you by making a concrete contribution to covering your expenses related to renting the housing in which you reside.

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