Apartment in Siena: how to choose?

Apartment in Siena: how to choose?

A long search, as is customary, often leads to visiting many different houses and apartments; ranging from the center to the suburbs, from the first to the top floor, from sharing with other students to the studio apartment: many are the possible solutions, but surely finding an apartment to rent in Siena is not an easy thing to do and especially not something to be approached lightly. As we have already mentioned in the article delving into where and how to look for a house in Siena there are some basic rules that, if observed, can prevent the future tenant from unpleasant surprises.

Let us then list 7 simple rules for finding an apartment in Siena that is worthy of being called one:

Where. The area is perhaps the most important element in choosing sienad apartment. Siena is small, but it is also a strange concentration of ups and downs; housing a few miles from the center can prove very peripheral. It is therefore a good idea to find out exactly about the area, the connections to the center, and possibly “road test,” walking the distance between the potential home and the city center, classrooms, and possibly the nearest supermarket.For a general overview of the various areas, visit the map of Siena.

Location and noise. Carefully evaluate the location of the house. Siena is not a noisy city, but outside the walls there are busier streets, and the tranquility of the accommodation may suffer.Sound insulation with the outside is also worthy of consideration: assess the thickness of the walls (generally older buildings and lower floors warrant thicker walls) and the quality of the window frames (preferably double-glazing).

Neighbors. Important to consider the neighbors as well: who are they?clappers from siena Ch age are they? Needless to say, if you want to conduct some movida it is advisable to live near other students, perhaps to be involved in your own dinners, parties and raids. The Sienese are a reserved “people” but accustomed to contradaiole parties and, in general, do not cause problems…but you never know!

Facilities. The plumbing and heating system deserve some considerations. Assuming that if you are not a plumber you are unlikely to get an accurate picture of the situation, a look at the pipes does not hurt: if the pipes are exposed (not uncommon in old apartments in downtown Siena) most likely the system will not be brand new: what does that entail? Higher heat loss, higher consumption. It will not change your mind, but keep it in mind.

Heating. Autonomous or centralized? The former allows you to manage your consumption (and therefore your spending) at will, definitely to be preferred over central heating that is subject to the rules of the condominium without leaving you any freedom (is the heating on and are you hot? Open the windows…).

Boiler or water heater. Although they are now in disuse, you may come across apartments that still make use of water heaters to heat water (usually for the bathroom); these metal behemoths use electricity (lots of it!) to get up to temperature and heat the water…your electricity bill will suffer! Some models run on gas, which is significantly less energy-consuming.For a more in-depth discussion, visit the article on“Energy Savings” and fuel economy.

Bathroom. The number of bathrooms should be proportionate to the number of tenants for which the house is designed; making an estimate we could say that ideally we should have one bathroom for every 2-3 tenants; beyond this proportion the risk of overcrowding becomes terribly high (and unpleasant!).

With this last one, the general rules for evaluating an apartment in Siena are finished; those who want to explore the topic further can read “General Tips for Looking for a Home in Siena.”

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