All the vicissitudes of the out-of-state: nutrition

All the vicissitudes of the out-of-state: nutrition

College life as an out-of-state student is a learning experience, a step towardindependence, but it also involves quite a few sacrifices. One of the biggest problems for the out-of-towner and, in general, for those beginning to live on their own, turns out to be how to feed themselves. Between impromptu meals, scorched pots and pans, dishes to be washed, and difficult refrigerator management, students often prefer to take refuge in the cafeteria or eat elsewhere.

Here is an amusing analysis of the student’s situation in search of edible food:

The nutrition of an out-of-towner? No doubt, composed mostly of junk.

Forced to fight a hopeless war against supermarket prices and far from mom’s delicacies, they console themselves with a shot. Every day in Italy, millions of students face a test far more daunting than an exam: the arranged dinner is certainly not a walk in the park for the out-of-state student, it is a sword fight against supermarket prices, like Don Quixote with windmills, seeking convenience at the expense of quality, Trying to save on food but not on alcohol.

Back in the mansion, our hero cannot afford to rest; he will have to take his cauldrons and start mixing freeze-dried foods to create a dinner at least on the levels of “Nightmare Kitchens.”

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