A few days in Siena? Guesthouse.

A few days in Siena? Guesthouse.

First days in the city. Out-of-town student travels the length and breadth of the narrow streets of the Tuscan city in search of lodging, a room, the one that would shortly become his new home.
You see him: he runs from faculty to faculty, scouring every nook and cranny of the many bulletin boards that crowd the city in hopes of finding useful numbers and addresses to contact; he finds something, makes phone calls and makes appointments.

The day slips away with virtually no time for anything else: it’s time to eat something quickly and just as quickly go to bed…yes, but where?

If you are not among the lucky ones who count generous friendships in Siena, it is no small problem to have to find temporary housing to lean on during the first few days of your search.

The University of Siena makes available to students and others present in Siena for study or research purposes (to be demonstrated by appropriate certification) – as stated in the DSU website, section guesthouse – 12 double rooms with bathrooms (and any other vacancies in university residences) for periods limited to a maximum of 5 working days in a month.

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The rooms are located between the housing complex on E. De Nicola Street (8 beds, 0577.39811) and the five university residences on Mattioli Street (6, 0577.248411), Sperandie Street (4, 0577.56161), XXIV Maggio Avenue (2, 0577.56141), Porrione Street (2, 0577.276320) and Fontebranda Street (2, 0577.276320).
Reservations should be made directly with the relevant housing facilities.

The price is definitely more affordable than any hostel or low-cost hotel: from 15 € for a place in a double room, from 20 € for a place in a single room. However, it should be considered that these are not fixed prices, but the minimum prices set by law.

Since January 19, 2008, the University for Foreigners of Siena has also had a guesthouse: Villa il Pino (Via Berlinguer 1, 0577.331467).
It is a complex consisting of four buildings dating back to the early 19th century and recently renovated, with a total of 65 rooms equipped with all relevant amenities, with a shared kitchen, TV and reading rooms (with Internet connection), and a large garden.
Prices vary based on nights of stay: those staying only one night will pay €40 for a single or €35 for a place in a double room; the price drops to €20 and €15.50 for those staying 2 to 7 nights; further discounts are provided for those staying longer (there are no strict stay limits).

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