A featured ad? Image is everything.

A featured ad? Image is everything.

In the rental world, the popular rule applies that the first impression is the one that counts. But there can be many first impressions, and even before the one that hits you as soon as you walk through the front door, there is the one from the pictures attached to the announcement.

At, we know how important photos are to those who are looking, too: that’s why listings with photos are approved and published more quickly, they come to us promoted on social media and receive on average 3 to 5 times more visits Of the ads that do not have them. If you would like to try, place an ad now for a room for rent, with photos 🙂

A photo is a concise description of all the details of the listing and is among the most important elements: such as rental price and location. It is a fact that putting a photo on the ad is the best way to give it visibility, as well as a gesture of respect toward would-be tenants. But if photographing means literally writing with light, it is important to know that with a photo you can write a bad joke as well as a good story. There is no such thing as the perfect photo for a listing, but spending a few extra minutes to curate even the images of the offer is the time you can best spend finding a tenant. Here are some tips for doing it the best way.



It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the Romantic poets intended, but there are aesthetic criteria on which almost everything agrees and which start from the fact that a nice apartment has clean and tidy rooms, whether single rooms, double rooms, or post-industrial open spaces. So giving a tidying up as when guests come for dinner can be a good idea to start your own photo shoot. Framing also contributes to a sense of order: taking photos perpendicular to the floor is also essential: few things are worse than a crooked or rotated photo.

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It is important to be generous with light when shooting. Choose the hours with the most sunshine and, to increase the brightness even more, turn on the light, even if it is daytime. A sufficient light source is as essential for taking good photos as it is for attracting a tenant. No one, not even the most night owl, wants to live in a dimly lit room and deprive himself completely of the sun. Pay attention to the hours with the most light, however: to make the most of the brightness, it is important to choose a corner that is on the side of the window or light source. Taking backlit photos can be nice when looking at sunsets or when you want to take artistic images, but in an ad they give that sense of divine apparition that blurs distances and discounts details.


When you take the picture you have to remember that you are not shooting for National Geographic or for an exhibition at Moma. Therefore, it is best to avoid distorted perspectives, black and white, and bold filters if you are not trying to collect likes on Instagram but to rent an apartment.


The quality of a photo is also a matter of technology. Digital devices allow for good quality detail simply by using the autofocus function, which is as much hated by experienced photographers as it is a godsend for all amateurs who are unsure of their hand.


It says everything about itself right from its name. The best perspective of the rooms, the one that can capture the widest possible view, is provided by the corners of the room. Choose the one that at your discretion gives a better image of your apartment: just like people’s faces, rooms also have their own better profile.


Best to avoid details and particulars unless they are closely related to the ad or are details that help “sell” it. Better to focus on a few photos that give a general but complete idea of the house. Rather, if the size of the room makes it appropriate, the panorama function of some smartphones can be a useful tool because it allows the entire width of the space to be captured in a single image.


Enhance the strengths of your apartment. Inserting ugly or ungainly photos will scare away prospective buyers even if you live in Buckingham Palace, while a well-focused shot of the best attributes of the décor will make all the curious look sharp at least for a moment.

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