7 apps every student should keep at the click of a button

7 apps every student should keep at the click of a button

Apps make life easier, it is undeniable. But what are the apps that a student like you should always keep at your fingertips?

App to save money while shopping

Supermarket cards are the “weapons” of the student fighting against high prices, so they must be at hand.


All your loyalty cards on your cell phone: show the barcode at the supermarket checkout from your cell phone screen et voila! Beware, however: not all supermarkets accept digital versions of the card, unfortunately.

The food delivery app

What to do when you dream of iced coffee during a busy study afternoon?

Foodora and Deliveroo

They bring the treat you crave to your door, at any time (depending on the venue’s opening hours), quickly and with zero impact: deliverymen whizz around on their bikes without polluting. Remember to leave a tip for “the fleet” of delivery guys!

The app for getting around the city quickly

To get to class or the exam without waking up at dawn because of traffic, there is a new app:


Search for scooterists near you, choose the one that’s right for you through reviews, and catch a ride on the fly! You will pay easily and securely through the app. Start darting nimbly (carefully) around town!

The cleaning app

Well yes, there is an app that does for you what you hate most in the world:


Mother announces she is coming to visit you and chaos reigns supreme? Rolling up your sleeves and cleaning up at the last minute is NOT an option. On Vicker you will find those who are ready to do little jobs for you such as fixing a chair, changing a light bulb, and cleaning.

The app to help you with your move

Moving is the most dreaded time in a student’s life, and while there is no way to escape it, there are ways to best deal with it. Here is one:

If you don’t have time, don’t have a car, and can’t count on help, moving is possible with Movers: not exactly an app but a portal that connects those who need help moving and those who, in order to earn a few extra euros, don’t shy away from a few boxes to move.

The app for dividing common expenses

Stop roommate debt:


Keep track of common expenses-everyone will have their own “account,” and making calculations will be so easy. Good to know: Splitwise is also perfect if you plan to take a group vacation…not necessarily with your roommates though.

The app for finding a home or finding a roommate

When you realize that no app can save you from your insufferable roommate…

That’s where we at come in, the portal where you can easily replace your terrible roommate with the one of your dreams, or find the perfect room with just a few clicks, as well as lots of useful tips in our blog.
What are you waiting for to change?

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