5 books that will be a blast to read under the umbrella

5 books that will be a blast to read under the umbrella

Can’t you just imagine yourself reading in the summer?
Try one of our 5 reading tips-you’ll find the perfect one for you that will make your vacation even more interesting. Read (literally) to believe.

Reading tips for the out-of-state student

Are you an out-of-state student, perhaps in your first year of study in a city you don’t know?
We recommend two books for the summer that will help you best enjoy life away from mom and dad.

The book for those studying in Milan

If this first winter of gray skies, exams and unbearable roommates has seemed like a nightmare, you may not yet know all that the city has to offer.
Find out with Milanese Stefano and Riccardo, founders of the cooking and lifestyle blog “Gnam Box” ( Their book, “Wow Milan,” is a collection of trendy addresses for food, local markets and shopping, to discover a city that will never make you stop saying “wow.” Boredom, this stranger.

“Wow Milan,” Stefano Paleari and Riccardo Casiraghi.
Buyable at

The book for those who can’t cook

For you who survive “pasta with tuna” as soon as you run out of your grandmother’s stockpile of frozen eats, it’s time to learn how to cook “strategically” by combining two meals into one: discover the secrets of “brunch” (breakfast + lunch) with chef and TV personality Simone Rugiati.
We promise you won’t hear “you’re wasted” every time you see your mom again.

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“Brunch Stories,” Simone Rugiati.
Buyable at

Reading tips for the out-of-school student

What a big word, “off course”: you’re not late, it’s just that you really care about getting it right!
Perhaps during the summer you might find it helpful to learn how best to manage the time you have. Here is the book for you, and don’t worry, to get you started right away to save time, we’ll tell you where to find it:

“Time management. How to manage time so you are not a slave to your schedule.”, Cesare Sansavini and Alessandro Sansavini.
Buyable at

Reading tips for the under-exam student

Summer is approaching and yet theexam in September seems to cast a shadow over even the brightest of summers. Stress is at an all-time high and the heat doesn’t help; your nerves are about to fail. Before that happens, read a simple book that will come to your aid in times of crisis: “Managing Stress for Dummies,” or how even beginners can win the war against anxiety. We cheer for you.

“Managing stress for dummies,” Allen Elkin.
Buyable at

Reading tips for the fashion student

For those who love fashion and/or study it, the book to read under the umbrella won’t exactly be a book: flip through the digital pages of thefashion encyclopedia directly from the world’s most fashionable website, from the comfort of the beach.
In “Vogue Encyclo” you’ll find the vocabulary you’ve always dreamed of: choose a letter or topic and start traveling through the history of designers, iconic garments and creations that have influenced fashion as we know it today and as you love it.


Reading tips for the romantic student

Incurable romantic, always with your head in the clouds even while studying, with a thousand heartaches and a broken heart?
Your ideal summer reading is a famous essay by psychoanalyst and sociologist Eric Fromm, “The Art of Loving.”
After this summer spent reading it you will start a new college year and maybe even a new romance with a new realization: to make things work best you need all your efforts, in love and beyond.

“The Art of Loving,” Eric Fromm.
Buyable at

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